What are my clients saying?

~Mandy Kubicek
When I first hired Niki, I had two goals: reduce the decision-making in my diet in a way that wouldn’t leave me feeling trapped by rules (so I could stop stressing and consistently enjoy eating), and learn how to properly fuel my body for long-distance running. I had some fears at first. I wondered how she could possibly learn enough about me in such a short time to create a meal plan I’d enjoy. I was nervous she might not “get” my vegan diet and food preferences. In reality, after just one session, she created a meal plan that was so “me” that I got emotional! I felt loved. Over three months, we met my goals and then some. Not only is eating way more fun, but I also PR’ed a marathon, feel 100% ready to fuel my upcoming first ultramarathon, and have experienced the delight of arm and ab muscle definition! You owe it to yourself to cut through the mountains of nutrition information out there and hire Niki. She’ll teach you what you need and want to learn, help you create a more peaceful relationship with food, and expertly support you toward whatever your wellness goals.
Note from Niki: Mandy is an inspiring Life Coach who I now follow.  Take advantage of her free resources for helpful insights on how to handle whatever life throws at you.  Find Mandy at coachkubicek.com and join her email list!


~ Signed:  One Happy Athlete

Steelhead 70.3:  One of my best races ever! Met EVERY SINGLE goal.

While I owe my coach for a solid training plan and pushing me to my limit. I wouldn’t have been able to meet those goals/perform through training if I didn’t have a solid nutrition plan to pair along with my physical training.

I have worked with Niki Kubiak for ~3 years for training/recovery nutrition and race day nutrition/hydration plans.   As a Registered Dietitian in a different field of practice, I appreciate and understand the value of working with specialist. Niki has specialty certification in Sports Nutrition and is also an accomplished athlete herself. Simply put-knowledge plus experience.

Just like training and racing, an athlete learns what they need and how to listen to their body for cues on intensity, recovery, strong days, weak days, etc.   Putting a nutrition plan together is no different. Sure, there are general guidelines for calories per hour, fluids per hour, supplements in every aisle, etc. However, having someone create an individualized plan based on your personal needs and preferences enhances training and confidence on race day.

Without Niki-I would not have had the race I did at Steelhead.  Not only did we continue to modify race nutrition throughout training to improve recovery. We also worked on ease of taking nutrition on the bike to ensure I would have enough energy in the tank post bike to support my run.

The day of the race, I had to make minor changes to my nutrition plan. I was confident in my changes because of the time I had spent working with Niki and analyzing post training recovery and past performances. I knew what I needed to do based on weather and how my body was feeling after pre-race warm-up workouts.

Niki works with you-diet preferences, supplement preferences, and busy work/life considerations to put together a plan to meet your goals and needs.


~Samantha G.

When my son, who has celiac disease, decided he wanted to start a whole foods plant based diet the summer before his final season of high school track, I knew I would need help providing him with healthy, gluten free, and plant based meals that would give him enough energy to get through three hour workouts and day long track meets.

I had worked with various nutritionists throughout the last fifteen years and had always walked away from those experiences both disappointed and disheartened. The idea of reaching out to another nutritionist was not very appealing. However, I decided to take a leap of faith and look for someone who specialized in sports nutrition.

I contacted the staff at UNL’s Performance Nutrition, and Niki was among their recommendations. From my initial conversation with her, it was evident that she would be willing to accommodate my son’s unique nutritional needs and would not try to change his diet to include foods that would fall outside of his lifestyle.

Over the next three months, Niki provided us with meal planning and recipes. She listened to my son’s likes, dislikes, and adjusted her planning based on his requests.  He never complained of being hungry or feeling like he did not have enough fuel to get through his workouts. He gained muscle, remained at the top of his sport throughout the season, and went on to medal at the state track meet.

Being a successful athlete takes a team even in an individual sport. Niki was an instrumental part of my son’s team. From meal planning, calorie counting, recipes, and video chats, Niki went above and beyond what we were expecting. My son and I agree, that had it not been for Niki,  his season may have had a different outcome.


~Jenny M.

A huge shout is due to my nutritionist, Niki Kubiak. I’ve been working with Niki for four months. During this process I have learned what types and proportion of calories I need and when I need them throughout the day. I feel better and my recovery with my training is faster and better. I have learned to like vegetables. I have gone from eating no vegetables a day to four servings a day. I’m working my way up to a goal of seven servings a day. Best news, I’m down 15 pounds (all weight I put on with my broken ankle last year). I’m looking forward to losing another 5-10 pounds and then entering maintenance phase. Thank you, Niki!!!!