What is Your System?

When was your last “aha moment”? Mine was just a few weeks ago, and it was more like a direct punch in the face.

I had just launched my business feeling confident in what I can offer people, but not so confident in showing people what it is I offer. Fortunately, I happened upon Dean Bokhari’s Meaningful Show podcast before a short drive to run some errands. His 10-minute podcast focused on the difference between goals versus systems. Through his brief explanation, I realized that over the past several years, I have not been helping people reach their goals at all. Instead, I was providing the systems they needed to get there themselves.

One of my biggest struggles as a service-based entrepreneur is selling an intangible product. I get that it feels better to see a visible good exchanged for your money. As a consumer, buying a product feels more guaranteed than a nutrition counseling session does.

However, now I know why I can drive change in my clients and see sustaining results. Over 16 years, I have built effective systems that work, so as you approach your health goals on your own, let me ask….what is your system?

Do you:

  • Track what you eat to establish mindfulness and food literacy?
  • Understand how to interpret what the food logs are telling you?
  • Combine foods in a way that brings satiety and sustained energy?
  • Meal plan and grocery shop to build control into your food choices?
  • Eat regularly to manage blood sugar control and focus?
  • Balance the macronutrients to feel strong through your workouts?
  • Exercise at all?

If you are lacking these systems, a supplement will not suffice. You need simple systems in place that put the pieces of your health goals together consistently. Stay with me this month as I blog on “Systems”. I will address systems to meal plan, exercise regularly, and eat more fruits and vegetables. I hope this blog triggers an “aha moment” for you, and gets you thinking more about your personal goals and the systems that need to be put in place to achieve them. If I can help, e-mail me today!