Mediterranean Grain Bowl

Serves: 4


1 cucumber

1 tomato

2 Green onions

Fresh Parsley

1 Tbsp olive oil

Dash of Sea salt (optional)

24 Kalamata olives

1 can Garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed

1 cup hummus

1 cup Tzatziki

2 cups quinoa, cooked per package directions



Chop cucumber, tomato, green onions, and parsley and combine in a bowl with olive oil and salt.  In a medium sized bowl or on a 9-inch plate, arrange ingredients together in the following portions:

½ cup quinoa

½ cup vegetable mixture

1/3 cup Garbanzo beans

6 olives

2 Tbsp hummus

2 Tbsp Tzatziki

Nutrition information per serving:  438 calories, 43 gm carbs (10 gm fiber, 7 gm sugar), 22 gm fat (1 gm sat, 3 gm MUFA, 2 gm PUFA), 13 gm protein, 1045 mg sodium, 414 mg potassium, 34% Vitamin C

This super healthy grain bowl makes an easy dinner for up to 4 people or will pack easily for delicious lunches all week.  Find a recipe to make your own Tzatziki on my website.  Use soft tofu, instead of yogurt, to make a dairy free version.